The Billy Rickman Show: Success Sessions

The Billy Rickman Show: Success Sessions

Hosted by: Billy Rickman

Being in business over the past few years has become increasingly demanding. As a business owner its getting harder to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The constant changes and updates in business...


Episode 355: Getting Unstuck

Season #3 Episode #355

This week I implemented an initiative with my coaching group. We would get up at 530 and we would all go through our online learning together. There was no structure. No lessons. Nothing but a group of people...
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Episode 355: Interview with Hair Salon Owner, Margie Scharer

Contact Margie Scharer -> Facebook: -> Instagram: Salon Owners need some good news stories, right now and this is...
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Episode 354: Navigating Rolling Lockdowns

Season #3 Episode #354

With so many businesses going in and out of lockdown, on Wednesday I held a special huddle with my coaching group. We spoke about ways to maximise income, reduce expenses and navigate their way through covid, and in...
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Episode 353: Video Training

Season #3 Episode #353

If you’re looking to scale your business, then you’re going to need great team members. To find and train these people though costs you money… a lot of money. If you want a more effective way to train your team...
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Episode 352: A Sales Mindset

Season #3 Episode #352

If you want to improve sales, there’s one thing you need to first before you do anything else. Before you leave scripts, before you learn tonality or emphasis. You have to start with this. Find out what it is in...
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Episode 351: Set Your Business Up To Sell

Season #3 Episode #351

I finished my first book of 52 today and I wanted to share with two very important lessons I took from it. Find out what they are in Episode 351: Set Your Business Up To Sell Don’t forget to like, comment and...
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Episode 350: How to BEAT Big Business

Season #3 Episode #350

There’s two distinct advantages that small business has over big business and if used correctly, it can see small business win in the battle of the two. If you are in small business and you’re up against big business...
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Episode 349: Get on TikTok

Season #3 Episode #349

With Instagram and Facebook becoming harder to get traction in the market, everyone’s wondering what’s next? Well, if you look at the data, TikTok is the place to start building your following. Find out why in...
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Episode 348: Performance Appraisals

Season #3 Episode #348

Do you do regular performance appraisals with your team? If not, you should. Find out why in Episode 348: Performance Appraisals Don’t forget to like, comment and share... and if you love it, hit the subscribe...
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Episode 347: 3 Ways to Maximise Retail Sales

Season #3 Episode #347

There’s three things you can do in your business right away to maximise your retail sales. They don’t take skill or talent… it just takes for you to take action to make it happen Find out what they are in Episode...
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Episode 346: Door to Door Marketing

Season #3 Episode #346

Want to know a way to massively grow your bookings without costing you a cent in marketing? One of my clients did and when I proved it to her, she’s never looked back. Find out how in Episode 346: Door to Door...
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Episode 345: Would You Do It Over?

Season #3 Episode #345

My first book of my 52 books in 52 Weeks has already got my brain going. From it, I asked myself an important question, which I think you should ask yourself. Find out what it is in Episode 345: Would You Do It...
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