The Billy Rickman Show: Success Sessions

The Billy Rickman Show: Success Sessions

Hosted by: Billy Rickman

Being in business over the past few years has become increasingly demanding. As a business owner its getting harder to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The constant changes and updates in business...


Episode 344: 52 Books in 52 Weeks

Season #3 Episode #344

Call me crazy, but in addition to my 365 days of podcasting in a row, I’ve started a new journey today to feed my brain and inspire even more. I’m reading 52 books in 52 weeks. To join the group, go to:...
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Episode 343: Undercover Billionaire

Season #3 Episode #343

There’s a show I’ve been watching the past few days where billionaires go undercover to turn $100 into $1million. It’s a fascinating show, but there’s two things each of the billionaires do that is the key to their...
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Episode 342: Tough Decisions

Season #3 Episode #342

Today I had to make a tough decision for the business. Even though I didn’t want to, it was necessary for the future of my clients and my team. In business often times, we have to make tough decisions and in this...
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Episode 341: 4 Musts When Opening a Salon

Season #3 Episode #341

I get asked a lot whether I’d open a salon again. The short answer is no, but if I did, there would be 4 things that I would definitely do from the start to make sure it was a success. Find out what they are in...
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Episode 340: Creating an Affiliate Program

Season #3 Episode #340

In the last episode we spoke about referrals. In today’s episode, I’m doubling down by giving you a more sophisticated and far more powerful way to setup referrals. In the episode I reference a link. So here it is...
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Episode 339: How To Create An INSANE Referral Program

Season #3 Episode #339

There are three things you need to create a rock solid referral program, guaranteed to fill your books for months! It needs to be simple, it needs less people involved and you need to maintain control. Let me...
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Episode 338: The Membership Consultant

Season #3 Episode #338

If you’re serious about growing your salon memberships, there is a role that you should consider. It comes from the gym industry and it could just be your secret weapon! Find out what it is in Episode 338: The...
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Episode 337: How to Start a Blog

Season #3 Episode #337

Blogging…. Is it an important part of business and should you have one? The answer is… well it depends. There are things you must adhere to if you’re going to start a blog and I discuss them in todays podcast. This...
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Episode 336: Should I Have An Online Store?

Season #3 Episode #336

Should you have an online store? That’s the question a lot of people are asking these days and my answer is not probably one you would expect from me. There are many advantages to having an online store, but unless...
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Episode 335: Creating Lots of Content

Season #3 Episode #335

Here’s how you take one piece of content and turn it into many. Find out how in Episode 335: Creating Lots of Content Don’t forget to like, comment and share... and if you love it, hit the subscribe button too
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Episode 334: When They’re Using Bad Products

Season #3 Episode #334

What do you do when someone comes in and says they’re using products that aren’t the best for them? Most people in the industry do this all wrong. There is a right way. Find out how in Episode 334: When They’re...
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Episode 333: Stop Being a Victim

Season #3 Episode #333

Are you a victim? Do you see yourself as a victim in any area of your life? If you do, or perhaps even maybe you do, then you need to listen to this podcast. This is Episode 333: Stop Being a Victim Don’t...
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