What Do Our Clients Say?

Find out what our clients really think about us.



Amanda Giacca - Therapie Skin and Beauty

Amanda was only 6 months into her Limitless journey at this point and had already completely reshaped her business to become a profit machine. The lessons she has learned and the tools she has introduced means that her team now does most of the work and she only has to be in the salon for one hour a fortnight.

"Limitless is an absolute bargain. It should be triple the price!"

Josh Penberthy - Phoenix and Fire Hair

Josh came to us as someone who wanted to grow his business. Inititally he loved the marketing, but after doing the education programs, quickly learned how to excel as a salesperson, a business owner, a manager and a leader.

"Everything they do, works!"

Celena Pelly - Skinfit Clinic

Celena has changed her business so much and through Limitless has learnt how to setup her business and then move into growing a Team she can rely on. She has learnt all about the numbers of her business and how to not focus on sales, but profit instead.

"If I had to join Limitless again, I would. I would do it again and again and again."

Jordan Woods - Precision Laser Therapy

Jordan started as as sole operator and with the help of the marketing, he has grown his business month on month. He is now more confident outside of his business and see a bigger goal that he once never dreamt possible.

"I don't want Limitless to end. This is the greatest thing ever!"

Margie Scharer - My Place Hair and Beauty

Margie begun her journey working in her home salon by herself. After 9 months, Margie has 6 staff working out of a two story commercial salon and has In 9 months, Margie went from earning $1,500 per week to $9,000 a week and this was all done during one of the hardest, if not THE hardest economies in the history of business.

"My growth has been HUGE!" 

Kaylene Wilkinson - The Hair Collective

Kaylene started with Limitless after a few failed salons in the past. Not wanting to make the same mistakes again, Kaylene started with Rickman Media on day 1 of her business and has grown in every area since beginning.

"I would absolutely recommend this to anybody!"


Laila Sanchez - Laila's Beauty and Laser

Laila came to us as a single operator with one goal, to create a more profitable and consistent business. Laila took on all the content head on, specifically the membership component and her business has grown month on month.

"Each time I do marketing, it just gets better and better. I never imagined I could make this amount of money."

Michaela Pellizari - Cabello Style and Beauty

As a young business owner, Michaela joined us to help set her business up correctly and not make mistakes that other business owners do. Only a little while in, she has already seen a return on her investment and her business is now on track to achieve all her big goals.

"I love the value! There's so much content, it's unreal! You see a return on investment straight away!"

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