Episode 82 - Why Do You NOT Take Action When You Should?

Season #1

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Two weeks ago, I sent a message to nearly 2,000 people offering them a FREE 30 Minute Coaching POWER SESSION! πŸ’ͺ🏻

Around 1,200 of them clicked to learn more, but so few actually then clicked to go further and book! 😲

Of course there are reasons for this like...

"They're probably just going to try and sell me" OR "I've done this before somewhere else and got nothing!"

... but mostly, I believe the main reason is because people are too scared to maybe look like a failure. Or maybe they feel as though they might look silly. Or maybe they don't think they're big enough or worthy enough for coaching! 

This mindset and these LIMITING beliefs about yourself and your worth, are often the biggest contributor to lack of action, and it is KILLING your ability to succeed! ☠

Tune into this Episode, as I go to a LEVEL 10 on this, and why you MUST break this cycle of inaction if you are going to succeed! πŸ†